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Our History

In the sixties Hanover Square was the heart of the property industry, and this is when and where Anthony Lorenz joined Lewis and Tucker. Having spent between 1966 and 1972 at 16 Hanover Square.

He occupied a variety of offices in Hanover Street before relocating to 25 Hanover Square in 1985 which was to become home of Baker Lorenz until 2001 when the company was sold to Hercules PLC.

He was Vice Chairman of Dunlop Heywood Lorenz until late 2006.

In 2007 he started The Lorenz Consultancy at 18 Hanover Square before moving to number 21 in 2009 and then 24 in 2016.



Hanover Square in London's Mayfair has changed almost beyond recognition since Anthony Lorenz first went to work there back in 1966.

In an almost unbroken progress, he has built a career that has rarely strayed far from this leafy corner of the West End. In fact he's been a part of the business community there longer than some of the trees that provide a roost for that mythical budgerigar.

His own experiences moving addresses around the north, east, south and west sides of the Square have provided him with a personal insight into the Rent Review and Lease Renewal process, one of the core professional services of The Lorenz Consultancy, where today he is Managing Director and one of the doyens of the central London property market.

Lorenz remembers: "I was just 17 when I began work on 8th May 1966 with Lewis and Tucker at number 16. I was an office junior and was paid just £3 a week."

That May date, like the square itself was to become a constant in his business career. It was on 8th May 1972 that he joined with John Baker to set up Baker Lorenz on the fifth floor of number 9 Hanover Street.

"We took 638sqft at £3,300 per annum - £5 per square foot which was a big rent in those days," says Lorenz.

In May 1976, the firm's growth meant more space was needed and the offices were extended to include the sixth floor. And on 8th May 1976 operations moved to 13-14 Hanover Square where the annual rent was seven times that of the original premises at £23,500 per annum.

"In truth the configuration of this space didn't suit us," "although we did expand again by taking the second floor."

In 1981 25 Hanover Square became available: "The premises were far too big for our needs, so we occupied three floors and let the rest. Gradually we continued to grow until we were forty strong and Baker Lorenz became one of the best-known niche practises in London,"

The Company became an attractive take-over proposition and, once again, it was 8th May that proved a decisive date when in 2001 Baker Lorenz concluded a sale to Hercules Plc, which subsequently re-sold the business as a public company to Erinaceous PLC.

But this was not the end of Lorenz's enterprise or his association with Hanover Square: "On 8th May 2007 I opened The Lorenz Consultancy at 18 Hanover Square and two years later moved it to number 21 and then our current headquarters at first floor of 24 Hanover Square."

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