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Anthony Lorenz

Anthony Lorenz


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Having started out in commercial property in 1966 working for Lewis & Tucker, Anthony Lorenz is today one of the best-known names in the London property market.

He started his own company, Baker Lorenz, in 1972. A niche agency practice specialising in Agency and Professional work such as Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals and Lease Restructuring.. today commonly termed asset management.

In 2001, his company Baker Lorenz was sold to Hercules PLC , who then merged Baker Lorenz with Dunlop Heywoods to become Dunlop Heywood Lorenz. That was subsequently purchased by another Public Company.

In early 2007 he left to form The Lorenz Consultancy, a niche practice in the Commercial Property market throughout the UK.

After a career spanning five decades he enjoys expertise in all fields of Commercial Property.

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